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Select between our 2 approved monologues that will be accepted for "Open Submissions" located below: 


Appoved Monologue #1

Approved Monologue #2


Submit a 2-minute audition for a chance to win an opportunity of a lifetime!
 Watch, support, and vote for your peers on their overall performance. 
 Production team and Director will evaluate and narrow down all auditions to the Top 64 contestants.
 (IMPORTANT: Each artist is responsible to get as many votes as possible in the time period allotted). The artist with the most votes moves on to the next round.
 A winner is announced, and the journey of a lifetime begins!


  • Winner receives a PRINCIPAL ROLE in a Feature Film (TBD)


  • 2nd Place receives the opportunity to be a Lead Extra in a Feature Film


  • 3rd Place receives the opportunity to be a Lead Extra in a Feature Film      




  • Each contestant will have 5 days to receive as many votes as possible to move on to the next round and one step closer to an opportunity to be in a Feature Film.
 (Days may vary as the contests moves into the later rounds)

  • Each contestant can receive (1) free vote a day from as many supporters as possible. Voters can only vote ONCE for free or they can choose to participate in our our HOPE VOTE, that will help benifit a Non-Profit Organization;
. (a portion of all the proceeds will be donated towards helping the Amanda Hope Foundation and research for curing cancer)

  • Voting takes place each week Monday-Sunday (Dates Specified in Rules & Regulations) beginning at 12:00am (MST) and ending at 12:00am (MST)

  • The artists who receive the most votes at the end of each voting session (12:00am MST) will be advanced to the next round and closer to their dreams. 


Who is eligible? 

  • Contestant must be at least 13 years old as of the date the User submits the Audition Video (if Contestant is less than 18 years old, User must be Contestant’s parent or guardian and over 18 years of age). 

  • Contestant is a legal U.S. citizen or a legal permanent U.S. resident, or possesses a current legal Employment Authorization Card.  

Who is not eligible?

  • You cannot be a professional artist.  (For example; if you are working within any body of work using the skill required in the competition that was acquired for the purposes of, and subsequently received, paid distribution in any medium.)

  • Any person 12 years of age or younger.

  • Any person 13 to 17 years of age that DOES NOT have parental consent.


**To see full eligibility requirements - visit our Rules & Regulations