Welcome to 2minaudition!

It’s not easy to make it in the world of entertainment and for the vast majority of artists the word “NO” is heard far too often. 

Statistics will show that more than 95% of people will pack up and leave for home after an average of 9 months. 95%! It’s safe to say that “HUSTLE” and “DETERMINATION” are two key components to making it in this industry. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Franco Zavala has been in the entertainment industry for the past 8 years now and he knows first hand what it is like to struggle in the day-to-day rigors of this business.


5 years ago Franco and his daughter Clara decided, as a fun side project, to build a contest for actors where they can compete against one another for a chance to win a prize. The objective of the contest was to build, launch and provide a fun, safe, and exciting challenge for actors so they can continue to work on their craft. Classes, seminars, workshops, etc. are great for the “Resume” (learn why it’s a waste of time) but putting your talents out there, for your friends, peers, and public to see is the only way to really grow as an artist. Stand-Up comedy follows this model very well. In order to be a great comic you need to get up in front of people and fail so you can grow.

After a successful trial run Franco and Clara decided that they wanted to build the company bigger and offer more prizes other than cash (see our first ever winner). 

Last year, 2minaudition launched a Dance Contest and the winner was flown to NYC and spent an entire day with Emmy Nominated Choreographer Stacey Tookey. WATCH VIDEO



This year 2minaudition will launch an acting contest, available for artists that are 13 years old (Parental Consent Needed) and up to participate. The winner will be flown out to LA and receive a Principal Role in a real Hollywood Feature Film being produced and directed by Mark Cartier and his distribution company; North of Two

Yes, you get paid. Yes, you are flown out to and taken to set on the day you’re scheduled to shoot, and yes, you will be treated like a peer. This contest was created to help artists who are serious about the word “HUSTLE”, get one step closer to their dreams.

Will this contest make you famous? We don’t know! But, what we do know is that you will grow as an artists and your confidence will grow right along with you. So, we encourage you to take a chance! We encourage you to be bold and take risks. Remember, 2minaudition was created for artists by artists to create and deliver REAL, fun, and exciting opportunities that will fuel the fire in your creative hearts!  We encourage you to TRY and stop making excuses. What if you WIN?


Open Submissions begin July, 30th 2018!!!!!!!!!!



2minaudition is a collaborative team of entrepreneurs and industry professionals who are passionate about bringing projects to aspiring artists, just like you. We know how difficult it can be to share your talents with the world and get them into the right hands. Most of you are faced with daunting travel and financial commitments just to have a shot at the opportunity to audition – Good news! You don’t have to deal with this anymore with 2minaudition. Our mission is simple, make it easy to access real opportunities that YOU are interested in. 


2minaudition is an Internet based talent incubator and launching pad with a clear purpose: To give aspiring artists across the entertainment industry, no matter where they are, the exposure and guidance they need to successfully pursue their dreams. We are not in the business of making someone famous, we are in the business of providing an opportunity to move you closer to your dreams!  


This summer 2minaudition and North of Two films have partnered to bring you a fun, exciting, interactive contest in the world of film and television. Director Mark Cartier is excited to announce that the winner of the 2minaudition Contest will receive a speaking role (Principal) in his next feature film (TBD). The winner will get the opportunity to not only act in the film but to experience what it’s like to be a working actor/actress. Second and third place is no door prize by any means. Our second and third place winners will be afforded the opportunity to become "Lead Extras" in an upcoming film produced by North of Two films.  


Online, here at 2minaudition.com. 


Our "why" is simple and straight to the point. We want to provide real opportunities for aspiring artists to move closer to their dreams. We understand that this contest may not make you famous or bring you riches but that was never our intent as a company. We want to provide you with the opportunities to Connect, Create, and Collaborate with other industry professionals so that your circle of influence begins to grow.